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West Haven, Utah
United States


The Haven Cookie Co. is based in West Haven, Utah. We specialize in custom 3D-printed cookie cutters!

Our Story

The Haven Cookie Company is founded on a love for cookies. Although I admire and respect all kinds of cookies, I have a special passion for sugar cookie cutouts! For a lot of years I avoided “roll-out” cookies because I thought they were too much work and took too much time. One day I came across the sugar cookie recipe that my mother made when I was young. I hadn’t tasted it in years. I remembered my mom using a cookie press to form the cookies because cutouts were “too much work.” I loved those cookies, even through the press. Only on rare special occasions did we get to roll-out the dough and cutout the cookies. I cherished those times. 

I decided to give it a try on my own. Success! The cookies were fantastic and I eventually came up with a way to frost them that was both fast and beautiful! This gave way to sugar cookies becoming kind of “my thing.” I have tried many excellent recipes of cookies and frostings and always strive to make my cookies unique and interesting. 

I have purchased so many cutters and sprinkles over the years I worried that my family might stage an intervention. The space in my kitchen which is dedicated to cookie-making continues to grow and is spreading to other areas of the house. I have always been on the lookout for unique cutters and never passed a cooking/kitchen store without investigating their selection. Then I discovered 3D printing, and a whole world of cutter possibilities opened up! Now I have created as many cutters of my own designs as I have purchased. This does not stop me from buying cutters, (really, I might have a problem) but it has allowed me to combine my artistic side with my technology side with my cookie side. Win. Win! WIN!

Many times I have heard, “Your cookies are almost too pretty to eat!” Almost. To which I have always replied that there is no sense in making ugly sugar cookies! None of my cookies have ever made it to a museum. I see this as the best sort of compliment.

x Lara